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Drive Quest is a game all about racing. It challenges you with multiple different types of event.  3-star them all and improve your records! Or just take a relaxing drive around the city. Be aware that this game currently is in Beta so expect bugs.

- Explore a beautiful low poly city
- Compete in different challenges: timed races (3), drift events (1), speed zones (2), speed traps (3) and jumps (3)
- Arcadey car that's built both for drifting and speed
- Nitro to achieve even higher speeds
- Help systems to avoid the car getting stuck upside down
- Map and minimap to get a better overview of the world
- Options to customize for example the camera to your liking
- Customize the colour of your car

- W: Accelerate
- S: Brake
- A/D: Steer
- Space: Handbrake
- Escape: Pause
- M: Open/close map
- ENTER: Reset position and rotation
- Plus/Numpad Plus: Zoom in minimap
- Minus/Numpad Minus: Zoom out minimap
- R: Reset car position to garage (only when not in events) (only use when really stuck and ENTER doesn't solve it)

- Scroll: Zoom
- Right click and drag: Temporarly change camera position

- Up arrow: Move up
- Down arrow: Move down
- Left arrow: Move left
- Right arrow: Move right
- Right click + drag: Pan around
- Scroll: Zoom

Known Issues:
- The car camera can sometimes be used to see into buildings

- There is nothing to prevent you from cheating on the drift event, you can just drift around in circles

- Garage run is a bit hard

Future features:

- Larger world (port area, subarbean area, forest etc)
- Music
- More car customization

- Maybe: Day/night cycle
- Very maybe: More cars (just visual)

Before release:

- Balance all events

- New images

Features that won't come:
- Ai cars (would take a very long time to develop, also I believe it's more fun to race the time than glitchy ai that sometimes unfairly nudges you off the road)
- Car upgrades (I don't like the idea of performance upgrades as the game your results in races become mostly dependent on upgrades rather than skills. Whithout upgrades it's realistic to 3-star all events in any order)

Try it out and give feedback on how it can be further improved as well as reporting the bugs that you find. Thanks!

Install instructions

1. Unzip the zip file

2. Double click the .exe file

Note: Do not remove the other files in the zip or the game won't work!


Drive Quest Beta 1.7.zip 28 MB

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