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Ever wanted a flexible road creation tool for Unity? Then this is probably what you are looking for. This tool is built from the ground up to support flexibility, instead of a road that looks exactly the same everywhere you can have different sections with different widths, materials, amount of lanes etc. Give it a try and let me know what you think about it!


Road Creation


- Quickly create long roads by placing and moving points

- Configure options such as width and material per lane for much greater customization.

- Use any material

- Option to have prefab lines follow the road with configurable offset; use this for example bridges and street lamps.

- Terrain deformation; choose which intervals of the road that should deform the terrain (or the whole road) to avoid deforming the terrain under bridges.

- Road preset system to easly store and load road layouts (for example a 4 lane road) so that you don't have to manually add the same lanes all the time.

- Road guidelines to easly create parallel roads.

- Configure LOD generation for maximum performance.

- Includes multiple road presets such as a 3L road with asphalt median and a 2L road with streetlights and sidewalk.

Prefab Line Tool

- Quickly place lines of prefabs by placing points.

- Configure options like prefab scale and rotation direction.

- Option to have a different start and/or end prefab.

- Option to deform to the terrain as well as the curve.

- Option to fill the gap between the prefabs for a smooth and connected object (see the concrete barrier above)

- Possibility to define a min and max spacing value to space out prefabs randomly.

- Includes a bunch of low poly signs and other road objects.


- Includes a bunch of beautiful bridges that easily can be added to any road.

- Support for any mesh, so you can easily inport your own bridge or tunnel.


- Intersections that look good by default.

- Change materials, the connection curve and more.

- Support for terrain deformation.

- Main roads which allow for a road to look like it's continuing through the intersection.

- Automatic lane turn markings, you can configure the amount, amount of repetition, distance etc.

- Options to only connect to parts of the road to avoid connecting to sidewalks, shoulders etc.


- Includes a traffic light system to easly add life to your city.

- Right click context menu to quickly select objects.

- Source code included.

Installation Instructions

1. Double click the .unitypackage file and open it with your current project.

2. Add three new layers: "Road", "Intersection" and "Prefab Line". WARNING: The tool will NOT work correctly if they are misspelled.

3. Right click in the hierarchy and click 3D Object > Road.

4. Enable gizmos as you otherwise won't see road points

5. Shift left click to start placing points


Create point at the end: Shift + Left click

Create point at the start: Shift + CTRL + Left click

Move point: Left click + Drag alternatively use the movement handles

Move control point separately: A + Drag the movement handles

Insert point: Shift + Alt + Left click

Remove point: Shift + Right click

Lock Y-position for control point (Y-position will always be the same as it's main point): L + Create point

Create straight segment: G + Move point


Create intersection: Move two start/end points for two different roads onto eachover

Create T-intersection: Move start/end point to a middle point of a different road

Connect to intersection: Move start/end point on top of an intersection

Remove intersection: Disconnect all connections except one and it will be removed automatically

Move point while keeping intersection connection: Left click + I + Drag alternatively use the movement handles


1. Use road/prefab line presets to avoid spending time on recreate the same roads and again and again, multiple presets are available in the presets folder but you can easly create your own.

2. Use the side prefab lines (prefab lines tab in road editor) to create bridges and place bridge pillars.
3. Roads can be used to create other stuff than roads, for example walls. Try out the concrete wall preset to see how.
4. Terrain deformation will sometimes not be perfect so first enable terrain deformation to get a base to work with. Then disable it and modify it manually with the Unity terrain tools.
5. To more easly set up traffic lights start with calculating the time it takes for one traffic light (yellow before green + green + yellow before red). If you have 4 traffic lights take this value times 3 and set that as the red time. Use the originally calculated value for the start time of each light, 1x for the first, 2x for the second and so on. This way your traffic lights will work in a natural way.

6. If you want to be able to edit multiple objects at the same time add the [CanEditMultipleObjects] above the class declaration in RoadEditor, PrefabLineEditor and IntersectionEditor. This does have a few bugs though so use it on your own risk!


Q: Why is this tool better than the alternatives?

A: Unlike many other options this tool allows for lot more flexibility, due to everything (width, material etc) being able to be changed over distance. So you can easly have a road that has parking spaces next to it in one section, that then becomes narrower for a crossing to finally become a normal 2 lane road. Or maybe you want a lane to have a older asphalt texture? No problem!

Q: Why did you upload it here and not on the Unity asset store?

A: It's mainly due to it taking such a long time to become available after every update. After I've submitted a fix I want it to be available instantly instead of you having to wait for days or potentially longer.

Q: Does this work for other game engines?

A: No, it's a editor extension for Unity and therefore only works in the Unity editor

Q: Why didn't you upload the tool for free?

A: I've spent a lot of time making it and there are multiple Unity assets that I would like to buy, so to be able to do that I have to make some money myself first.

Feedback/bug reports

The best way is to write a comment here. This way other people can see the solutions as well.

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Hello! I just completed a purchase with paypal, it was charged to my account but I got an error, and couldn't download the tool. I sent you an email with pictures of the whole problem. Thanks in advance for looking into it.
Best regards,


The PayPal transaction has now been accepted so you can download the tool. Thanks for buying it and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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Thank you very much, I already received the email for the download.

If I might suggest something, would be a way to create the roads, intersections, etc... programatically. I know I can just look into the code and figure it out, but I’m sure with all your knowledge of the inner workings it would be much simpler for you to “explain” how to do it in a easy way

and I have to say this: YOUR TOOL IS EXCELLENT! One of the best I’ve seen... you could charge more for it if you wanted.

Best regards, all the best!

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Thanks for your very kind words! I feel like quite a few Unity assets are overpriced so I don't wanna contribute to that as I want it to be feasible for smaller developers to buy them as well. If anyone wants to then they can choose to pay more to support me. I would be very thankful if you could recommend this tool to your friends/colleges. Thanks!

(1 edit)

Btw I noticed that I didn't really answer your question about runtime mesh creation. The problem is that the tool isn't structured for that at all so most functions are in the editor scripts. Some stuff probably can be moved but there are still 2 problems:

1. Classes like Bezier are used which don't exist at runtime so I'd have to create my own classes to replace those (totally possible).

2. Editor functionality is so nested into the methouds, what I mean with this is take the create point methoud for example. It changes editor handle ids of points which is located in the custom editor class. It becomes complicated.

So it is possibility but would require quite a bit of work.