A downloadable asset pack

Includes farmland, 7 crops and 5 fences. The crops come both as single, planted (for small farmland) and large planted (for large farmland) to speed up the process for you. The planted crops have random rotation and scale to prevent the models from looking repeated. The fences and farmland also comes as Unity prefabs with colliders. Use however you want, including commercial project. I'm interested in what you use the models for so please tell me!

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Install instructions

1. Unzip the file

2. Import the objects and materials into unity


Farm Pack V.1.2 861 kB

Development log


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Is it possible to change the textures to png cause that is what my engine supports!?

so this only works in unity? I am using Coppercube 6 game engine!

It's 3d models so it should work everywhere but the Unity prefabs with colliders only work for Unity so you'll have to add colliders yourself.

the models work in my engine just not the textures drat